About Izuba City

Izuba City is a development comprising 304 units in a residential housing complex with blocks of up to four floors, varying with the contours of the property.

The developments will have 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms apartment built in different blocks in G+3 levels, a convenient store, a kindergarten, a waste treatment and ample parking space.

Izuba City is located about 10 minutes drive from landmarks such as the Kigali Golf Club, Woodlands Supermarket and many more hence offering your perfect living environment.


Site Location

The Izuba City Project is located in Kinyinya area, speci cally at Batsinda. The site is located by the new road, Nyacyonga-Kagugu-Kinyinya-Free Zone, to be constructed in the couple of months. The project is located approximately 8 Km from the CBD, less than 4 Km from MTN Center.


Site Location Map

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A 304-unit housing complex located in Kagugu cell, Kinyinya Sector of Gasabo District. Apartments include: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom types

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